A sign of Tynkering Lab at High Tech High Elementary School


About FutureEdu Tokyo
We are Tokyo based group of parents who care deeply about the future of kids in this rapidly changing time.  

Our school system is outdated and not optimised for helping kids to be independent thinkers and doers. FutureEdu Tokyo is a platform for like-minded parents, educators and alike to gather, discuss, and take actions.


FutureEdu Tokyo は、子供達が大好きで、子供達の未来を真剣に考える親や、教育者が垣根を超えて集まるコミュニティです。



Emi Takemura, Co-Founder

Marie Yoshikawa, Co-Founder

Midori Aoyagi

Keiko Kawasaki

Tomoko Takeshima